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Fitness App LivUnity

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Booking Modes

Online and offline bookings.

Multi-Criteria Search

Filter trainers by location or expertise.

Single tap zoom

One-tap Zoom sessions.

Clear pricing

All-inclusive, no hidden fees.

The idea behind the project

LivUnity is a platform that focuses on increasing physical activity participation by people from all walks of life by providing an online marketplace where they can receive or deliver fitness and wellness services conveniently.

The idea for LivUnity came to me while searching for a reputable fitness professional to help me get back on my feet after my running injury. I was looking for a simple platform that could help me to find the right coach, browse their services, schedule an appointment, and pay electronically – all from the comfort of my home. That’s when I realized that a gap existed between the supply of fitness training services and ordinary people like me who needed to use them.


Challenge moments

  • Development of a user-friendly interface
  • Application prototype development
  • Development and maintenance of interaction of marketing sites of the brand and the main application
  • Ability to search for a coach by city and destination
  • Booking process of meetings offline and online
  • The logic and functionality of the payment and withdrawal process
  • Development of a comprehensive system for forming the ratings of trainers, which affects the search results
  • Building an architecture that will further expand the functionality of the platform
  • Integration with postal services

Provided solution

  • By analyzing user behavior and incorporating the latest design trends, our design team made a visually stunning and intuitive user experience.
  • Our experienced developers have optimized the server architecture of the application, ensuring seamless data management. Result? A program that can serve an ever-growing user base without compromising on performance or reliability.
  • Front-end team has optimized the app's performance across all devices, ensuring lightning-fast loading and smooth interactions.
  • Software architects have carefully analyzed the structure of your application, identifying opportunities for optimization and scalability. By rethinking the architecture, the program has remained adaptive and resilient, able to work with future technological advances with ease.
  • Our dedicated team of testers put the app through exhaustive testing scenarios, identifying and fixing bugs, crashes and performance bottlenecks. The result is an application that meets the highest standards of reliability, ensuring a flawless experience for every user.
  • Qualified support team promptly resolved any technical issues.

Our holistic approach to app development encompasses all aspects, from attractive UI/UX design to back-end and front-end reliability, strengthened by a resilient software architecture and backed by rigorous quality testing and unparalleled technical support.

Fitness App LivUnity

Features of LivUnity

  • Online and offline booking. The app seamlessly integrates both online and offline booking options, offering maximum flexibility for clients and trainers.
  • Search by filters: finding the perfect trainer has never been easier. LivUnity's advanced search feature allows users to filter and narrow down their selection based on various criteria such as coaching experience, location, availability, and more.
  • User Management: coaches can easily manage their clients and appointments through a user-friendly interface. From lesson planning to progress tracking, LivUnity streamlines the entire learning process.
  • Zoom Integration: LivUnity's seamless Zoom integration allows coaches and clients to join online meetings with a single tap, ensuring a smooth and efficient coaching experience.
  • Transparent Pricing: the app ensures that meeting prices include any commissions or fees, so there are no surprises when it comes to billing.
  • Newsletter Subscription: the platform makes it quick and easy to sign up, ensuring that users never miss out on valuable information.
  • Distribution of user rights: with a sophisticated user rights management system, coaches can control access levels for team members, protecting sensitive data and promoting collaboration.

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