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Mental Health Platform Samata Health

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Enjoy 1 second of speed instead of 15 for request processing.


We increased the speed of the application x10 and fixed all security issues.


Instant messaging and 24/7 helpline with mental health experts.

Quality Audit

Detailed audit of the current system for future developments.

The idea behind the project

Samata Health is a cutting-edge mental health platform that focuses on enhancing user experience, stability, and performance to provide seamless support for individuals seeking mental health resources.

The platform was born out of a client's urgent request to improve their existing website, which was fraught with technical issues and user complaints.

Recognizing the critical importance of mental health services, we embarked on a journey to transform their struggling website into a robust and efficient mental health support ecosystem.

Samata Health
Samata Health

Challenge moments

  • To provide a seamless experience for users accessing the platform through various channels.
  • To establish efficient bug reporting and tracking systems.
  • Balancing features with performance is a challenge, as the team strives to maintain fast load times, smooth interactions, and overall system responsiveness.
  • Ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance with privacy regulations.
Samata Health

Provided solution

  • Comprehensive Audit and Documentation: we performed an in-depth audit of the existing system, meticulously documenting its architecture, functionalities, and shortcomings. This documentation serves as a foundation for future development and troubleshooting.
  • Optimization and Performance Enhancement: our expert development team employed advanced optimization techniques to enhance the platform's performance. This ensures a smooth user experience, reducing load times and minimizing disruptions.
  • Robust Logging and Database Backup: Samata Health incorporates a robust logging system that tracks user interactions and technical events, facilitating rapid issue identification and resolution.
  • User-Centric Design Overhaul: we streamlined the user interface, simplified navigation, and implemented an intuitive user journey, resulting in a more engaging and accessible platform.
  • Stability and Notifications: through rigorous testing and quality assurance, we eliminated email notification errors and instilled stability in the platform. Users can now rely on the system to function reliably, reducing frustration and increasing engagement.
  • Optimized Site Speed: by addressing underlying performance bottlenecks, we significantly improved site speed, ensuring that users can access resources and support promptly.

Overall, Samata Health platform offers a holistic approach to mental well-being, combining education, support, therapy, and self-care tools to empower individuals to take proactive steps toward maintaining and improving their mental health.

Mental health platform Samata Health

Features of Samata Health

  • Accessible Resources: the platform provides a centralized hub for a wide array of mental health resources, including articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive self-help tools.
  • Therapeutic Programs: Samata Health offers evidence-based therapeutic programs that users can engage with independently. These programs cover topics such as stress management, anxiety reduction, and improving self-esteem.
  • Licensed Professionals: the platform connects users with licensed therapists, counselors, and psychologists for one-on-one virtual sessions.
  • Peer Support Groups: the platform facilitates the formation of virtual support groups based on shared interests, challenges, or conditions.
  • Secure Communication: end-to-end encryption and robust data protection measures are implemented to maintain confidentiality.
  • Progress Tracking: users can track their mental health progress over time using interactive tools and visualizations. This feature helps individuals understand their journey, identify patterns, and celebrate their achievements.
  • Real-time Crisis Support: the platform incorporates crisis intervention features, including a 24/7 helpline and instant messaging with mental health professionals.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Samata Health aggregates anonymized and de-identified data to identify trends and patterns in mental health. This information can be used to improve the effectiveness of interventions and contribute to mental health research.

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