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System Administrator (Part-time)

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We are seeking a skilled System Administrator to join our team part-time and oversee the smooth operation of IT infrastructure, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in system administration with expertise in various operating systems, virtualization, networking, email services, web server management, security, and backups.


  • Strong understanding and at least 3 years of experience with Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Proficiency in virtualization technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V, or Proxmox.
  • Basic networking skills including configuration of routers and switches, understanding of VLANs, and network services like DHCP and DNS.
  • Experience with Cisco equipment.
  • Hands-on experience with email servers, particularly Postfix, including configuration and management of SMTP, IMAP/POP3, and SSL/TLS.
  • Experience managing web servers (Apache/Nginx) with knowledge of virtual hosts, SSL setup, and server security.
  • Understanding of network and data security practices, along with experience in implementing backup solutions and disaster recovery plans.
  • Intermediate English skills.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to multitask.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements.


  • Manage both Windows (especially Windows Server environments) and Linux systems. Perform system administration tasks including Active Directory, DHCP, DNS for Windows, and command-line operations for Linux.
  • Deploy and manage virtual machines using technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V, or Proxmox.
  • Configure routers and switches, set up VLANs, and manage network services like DHCP and DNS. 
  • Maintain email servers, particularly Postfix, and manage SMTP, IMAP/POP3, and SSL/TLS configurations.
  • Administer web servers (Apache/Nginx) ensuring optimal performance, security, and accessibility. This includes managing virtual hosts, SSL setup, and implementing security measures.
  • Implement security measures to protect data and infrastructure. Establish and execute backup solutions and disaster recovery plans.
  • Update and maintain all operating systems and software to ensure security and efficiency.
  • Oversee and manage the corporate network infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity and performance. This includes configuring network devices, monitoring network health, and troubleshooting connectivity issues.
  • Administer and manage virtualized environments, including VM deployment, resource allocation, and performance monitoring.
  • Maintain the organization’s email infrastructure, manage email accounts, configurations, and assist in troubleshooting email services.
  • Manage web server configurations to ensure websites are accessible, secure, and performing optimally. This includes setting up virtual hosts, SSL certificates, and implementing security measures.
  • Implement and maintain security measures to protect data and infrastructure from cyber threats. Conduct regular security audits and coordinate response strategies for security incidents.
  • Execute regular backup procedures and test disaster recovery plans to ensure data integrity and availability in emergency situations.
  • Provide technical support to users, addressing system, software, and networking issues.
  • Recommend and implement technology solutions aligned with organizational goals.
  • Participate in meetings on demand.
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