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Monetizing content app Inplay

  • Backend
  • React
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • App Development
2 months

The project was launched in 2 months

126 000

Units of digital content downloaded for the last 6 months

8 000

Daily active users

10 000

Total NFT transactions for the last 3 months

The idea behind the project

Inplay was designed as an extension of an existing platform, catering specifically to content creators aiming to monetize their creations.

The app's central feature revolves around empowering users to monetize their diverse media content effortlessly.

Furthermore, the app boasts the cutting-edge capability of generating NFT tokens, a pioneering step in the digital content realm. These NFT tokens can be conveniently listed and sold across various platforms, offering content creators an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the growing NFT market.


Challenge moments

  • A dedicated team that is fully responsible for the project’s progress.
  • Create a possibility for users to monetize their media content.
  • Ability to generate NFT tokens and sell them on different platforms.
  • Create a software architecture with user-friendly and modern looking design using React Native framework.

Provided solution

  • At the heart of this app lies the groundbreaking opportunity for users to seamlessly monetize their media creations. This feature opens doors to a new realm of possibilities, allowing users to not only showcase their talents but also capitalize on them.
  • What sets this app apart is its integration with various platforms, allowing users to effortlessly list and sell their minted NFT tokens. This multi-platform compatibility ensures that users have the freedom to explore diverse marketplaces, enhancing their chances of reaching a wider audience and securing optimal returns for their creations.
  • Underpinning this cutting-edge functionality is a meticulously designed software architecture. The team has meticulously crafted a user-friendly and modern interface, leveraging the power of the React Native framework.

Our proposed Inplay mobile app solution encompasses all the specified requirements, from enabling content monetization through NFTs to creating a user-friendly app with a modern design. With our dedicated team and well-defined software architecture, we're confident in delivering a successful and feature-rich NFT mobile app that aligns perfectly with client's vision.

Monetizing content app Inplay

Features of Inplay

  • Monetization of Media Content: users have the ability to upload and tokenize their media content, transforming it into unique NFTs. They can define ownership terms, royalties, and access permissions for buyers and viewers. This feature opens up opportunities for content creators to monetize their work.
  • NFT Token Generation and Sales: Inplay app incorporate a robust NFT token generation system. Users can mint their own NFTs from their uploaded media content. The platform supports various blockchain networks, enabling users to choose the network that aligns with their preferences.
  • User-Friendly Modern Design: the application's user interface designed with a modern aesthetic and user-friendliness in mind. Thanks to the use of React Native, we have ensured consistent and smooth operation of the application on the iOS platform. Intuitive navigation, clear layouts and interactive elements will help engage users.
  • Blockchain Integration: smart contracts are developed using a blockchain platform such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Blockchain integration allowed NFT tokens to be created, ownership to be tracked and transactions to be processed.

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