A middleware between doctor and the pharmacy


The idea behind the project

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    Project duration

Medapp is a web application, helping doctors and clinics to keep track of their orders and patients medecine supply. It also provides clinics with statistics on patients' medicine pick up rate.
The main functionality of the app is to be a middleware between doctor and the pharmacy.

Challenge moments

  • Development of a user-friendly interface
  • Application prototype development
  • The ability to create a custom list of drugs foe each clinic
  • Selection and integration of a third-party application to automatically idetify the suitable pharmacies
  • Development of functionality that allows monitoring the entire process of interaction between the clinic, pharmacy and the patient for the prescribed drugs
  • Building an architecture that will further expand the functionality of the platform
  • Integration with postal services

Provided solution


MERN stack. Fully structured API & database structure from scratch


Finalized design from Google Docs mockups


Optimized UI/UX friendly front end using React JS. Responsive cross-browser HTML & CSS


MVC architecture with Node & Express.


Using Firebase for the authorization system & CRON for updating patient adherence everyday

QA Testing

Strict quality control


Application deployed with Heroku & configured CI/CD to simplify deployment process


Technical support of the project


Features of Medapp

Creating and maintaining a personal clinic account

Functionality for monitoring and generating statistics on timely receipt of the drug from the pharmacy for each patient.

Automatic generation of a list of pharmacies, based on the patient's geography, which the clinic and the patient will interact with.

Functionality for managing the cycle of ordering the drug: appointment, sending to the selected pharmacy and monitoring the end of the period of taking the drug.

Creation and editing of a patient card